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Insurance Subrogation is a cornerstone of our firm. We have returned value to our clients in a diverse variety of underlying actions. We have broad work experience that ranges from catastrophic automobile accidents to extensive property damage claims resulting from floods and fires. We are experienced in handling product liability claims and any other claim that may arise.  We work efficiently and will provide immediate analysis and advice that encompasses a whole recovery plan for our clients. We are willing to participate in the earliest phases of the subrogation process and will work to ensure that all avenues of recovery are properly explored.

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We are among the foremost experts on subrogation services in Utah.  If your Insurance Company is looking for recovery, we’re the firm to handle your claims.

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We are believers that it’s not good enough to be good, you have to be good & fast!  We’re looking for clients who like to get things done.

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We’re committed to high performance at all times.  Our clients have come to expect it.